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Shipping & Returns

We ship depending on volume from New York City or Berlin/Germany. However, for your first order you should get your paperstars within six weeks after initial order. Following orders should be with you within two weeks. Our handmade stars are unique. If you for any reason are unsatisfied with the stars you can inform us and we will reimburse or exchange the stars if you let us know within two weeks of receiving your stars.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club.



Media & Press Inquiries

For all media and press inquiries just mail us at:

[email protected]



How to set up a star

Step 1

To unfold the star take it in one hand and bend the sides carefully up. Insert your other hand into the stars tip and gently press the inside up.


Step 2+3

Lift the opened tip of the star and
it starts to unfold. Open the remaining tips by inserting your hand and open one after another. Continue until the star is completely unfolded.


Step 4

If you wish to illuminate your star put the suitable cable and bulb inside the star and close it by tying the strings to a bow.



Please read the instructions and follow them before using the star. The star is designed for indoor use only. Use only LED bulbs. The bulb must not touch the star. The bulb must hang in the centre of the star. Do not leave the star unattended. Do not use it near heating appliances or anything which may burn. Keep the star out of reach of children.

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